Duration: 1.5h

  • All ages and abilities are welcome to these 1.5-hour-sessions
  • You can select from over 100 ceramics, including cups, plates, vases, and picture frames, to paint. Explore our diverse collection at bonbon-collections.co.uk.
  • Roll up your sleeves and paint the ceramic with your design using our top-quality paint and tool.
  • Once you finish painting, leave your masterpiece with us. We’ll glaze and fire it in the kiln, ensuring its lasting quality.
  • It will be ready for you to collect after around 4 weeks of your visit, or we can ship the ceramic to you when it is ready. 
  • Each ceramic item has its own price, with the most affordable option starting at just £13.9. 
  • The cost you see for each ceramic is all-inclusive, covering everything from painting to firing. You only need to pay the listed ceramic price.
  • Explore our FAQs for additional information.
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